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College life is tough enough.  Classes, exams, extracurricular activities, trying to maintain a social life, being away from home. Life can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to money.

About 30 years ago, I was in your shoes.

Many times, this is a college student’s first arrest.  Too much to drink at a party, lose your friends, then before you know it an officer is arresting you for Public Intoxication as you try to walk home.  Maybe you got behind the wheel and are being taken to jail for DUI.  Or maybe someone in the same place as you smokes a joint and UAPD arrests everyone for Possession of Marijuana.

Not all offenses result in arrest.  Officers also issue citations for Improper (Fake) ID, Minor in Possession of Alcohol (MIP), or Open Container (‘Open Beverage’)These charges can also carry serious negative consequences that could be a black mark on your permanent record.  Walking into court and just pleading guilty is a huge mistake.

If you were under 21 at the time of the incident, whether an arrest or a citation, I will explain the Youthful Offender process to you in detail, and also explain the importance of this request as it relates to your future, and why it’s important that someone be able to convince the Court that you deserve it in this case, even if you’ve been granted ‘Y.O.’ in the past.

Sometimes, these kinds of cases can be resolved with less time and legal work to be performed. In those situations, I will be able to reduce my fee. Keep in mind, this doesn’t apply to all cases, but I will give you a straight answer either way. Ask me about this during your free consultation.

My office is very convenient (just 5 blocks) to the University of Alabama campus, located at  410 20th Avenue, across from Innisfree, next door to Loosa Brews.  Tuscaloosa Municipal Court is located just one block from my office.  Tuscaloosa County District Court and Tuscaloosa County Circuit Court are just four blocks away.

< If you are a University of Alabama student here without transportation, I will be glad to travel to meet with you in a convenient place such as Starbucks on campus. I’ve done this numerous times as a way to help my clients. >

Parents, perhaps you got a call in the middle of the night or in the early morning hours that you’d rather not get, and your son or daughter has been arrested.  In just a few short years, my kids will be in college too, and even as a Criminal Defense Lawyer, I don’t want that phone call either.

In that situation, you’ll want an attorney that will take the time to explain to you the legal process here in Tuscaloosa, potential outcomes based on my 25 years of local experience, and someone to just be your eyes and ears as your child’s case is prosecuted.  I’ve spent countless hours in contact with parents by phone, email and text making sure they understand every step of the case.  Here are two Google reviews left by parent in different cases:


  • “Our family has been using Mike Upton since 2000. He always responds to phone calls promptly and gets the job done. Don’t know what our family would do without his knowledge, advice and counsel. Highly recommend his services to anyone needing a lawyer that is fair and honest. Thanks Mr. Upton!”


  • “Mike is top notch! If you find yourself on the wrong side of the law or needing legal help or advice Mike is your man. He has a genuine care and concern for each of his clients. He doesn’t just see $$$ signs. A true breath of fresh air.”


I look forward to the opportunity to help those that are in trouble, and in the process, put the minds of parents and loved ones at ease.  Let me know if I can help.

Text me today at 205.799.3800 so we can schedule a consultation.  If you are out of town, we can arrange a phone consultation if that’s what you prefer.


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