Fighting For Individuals For 25 Years. Check Out These Client Testimonials:


“Mike was courteous and professional every step of the way, and put me at ease in dealing with a difficult situation. Having his cell number was convenient, and I could text him with questions any time. Mike got me a great result which was the most important aspect. I highly recommend hiring Mike if you find yourself in trouble!”

“My son, a student at the University of Alabama, was arrested in Tuscaloosa. I reached out to Michael and he called me from his cell phone. Being several states away, I needed someone I could trust. Michael always kept me posted and got the case dismissed. He does a great job of representing students and helping their parents during a stressful event. I highly recommend Michael!”

“Great experience with Mr. Upton. Very professional and worked around my packed schedule as a University of Alabama student. Always available and easy to contact. Would recommend to my friends if they were in need of legal counsel.”

“I have never known an attorney as good and real as Michael Upton!!  It’s very hard today to find an attorney that actually listens or shows the concern that Michael Upton shows. I’m very grateful!!”

“Michael Upton did a fantastic job with my case and helped me every step of the way. He’s great at what he does and I would recommend his services to anyone.”




With 25 years of experience in Tuscaloosa representing those injured in auto accidents and those accused of breaking the law, I have handled thousands of cases in every local court and many other courts around the state.

I am a courtroom lawyer.

What this means is very simple: I do my best work when your life and livelihood are on the line in Court.  Whether it’s a murder case, or injuries or death of a loved one as a result of an accident, you want someone that will stand in the courtroom with no fear, and fight for you, even when nobody else is on your side.

My experience includes representation in over 20 capital murder cases, none of which have resulted in a capital murder conviction.  In other words, none of my clients in Capital Murder cases have ever received a ‘death penalty’ sentence or a sentence of ‘life without the possibility of parole’.  Several of those clients are either already out of prison, or will be paroled at some point, because I was able to negotiate a positive settlement on their behalf.  See the links below for examples of Capital Murder cases where the clients were found “not guilty” after a jury trial.

I have also represented clients in every type of felony charge, ranging from murder, attempted murder, manslaughter, robbery, theft and burglary to less serious felonies (including all drug offenses) all misdemeanors, all alcohol offenses, specifically ‘Driving Under the Influence’, ‘Public Intoxication’, ‘Open Container’, ‘Improper I.D.’ and ‘Minor in Possession of Alcohol’.  I also represent those whose Driving Privileges have been suspended or revoked (Driver License Suspension) by the Department of Public Safety.  Under a new law, I can also help to ‘expunge’ (clear) your arrest record.

Regardless of the nature of the charge, nobody should go to court alone, and those accused should only hire an attorney that specializes in criminal defense, and is the best criminal defense lawyer for your particular case.

My approach is straightforward:  if you are accused of a crime, it is only that…an accusation. Based on our constitution, the law presumes that you are innocent.  It is the government’s burden to prove someone guilty of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt.  This ‘burden of proof’ is the same in every case, whether the charge is capital murder or public intoxication.

Simply put, my job is to make sure your constitutional rights are protected, regardless of the accusation, and to do my very best to make sure you get a good result.

Notable results in high profile cases are listed below. Click on the link to read about each of them:

JURY TRIAL – NOT GUILTY of 2 Counts of Attempted Murder, 5 Counts of Robbery and 4 other charges. “Since his arrest in February, 2012, Donald has adamantly maintained his innocence in this case,” defense attorney Mike Upton said. “We are pleased that the jury’s verdict echoes Donald’s innocence.”

JURY TRIAL – CAPITAL MURDER – NOT GUILTY – Client avoided both the death penalty and life without parole. “From the beginning, Lequincey voluntarily accepted responsibility for the shooting, but adamantly denied that a robbery took place,” Upton said Friday. “Today’s verdict finding him not guilty of capital murder validates our contention all along.”

CAPITAL MURDERCASE DISMISSED AFTER PRELIMINARY HEARING “Mr. Woods is extremely happy to be released from jail and be reunited with his family,” said his attorney, Michael J. Upton, stressing the importance of the preliminary hearing: “Mr. Woods might likely still be in jail for a crime in which he had absolutely no involvement. I’ve never been happier to deliver news to a client in jail, and to his family.”

CAPITAL MURDERCASE NO-BILLED BY THE GRAND JURY AFTER PRELIMINARY HEARING. In this case, after the Preliminary Hearing, the State moved forward but declined to prosecute based upon weaknesses in the case revealed at the hearing by lead defense attorney Michael J. Upton. Mr. Caddell was released from jail, and avoided prosecution for a case that could have resulted in either the death penalty or a life sentence without parole.

JURY TRIAL – CAPITAL MURDER – MISTRIAL -Jurors failed to reached a verdict after the first trial. Prior to the second trial, the prosecutor offered a reduced charge of Burglary in the 2nd Degree and a settlement was reached. Client avoided both the death penalty and life without parole. He served 3 years in prison and was released in 2015.  “Michael Upton, who represented Garrison, said that his client is remorseful for his role in the crime. “Phillip and his family are relieved to get this matter behind them, so that he can move forward with his life when he is released three years from now,” he said. “The manner in which Ms. Gilbert died was one of the most tragic I’ve seen in my 19 years of practicing law. Since Phillip’s arrest, the facts surrounding his level of involvement were in dispute.”

JURY TRIAL – NOT GUILTY – RAPE FIRST DEGREE – “Attorney Michael Upton, who represented White, said a juror told him after the trial that there were too many contradictions in the evidence to convict White. “Since Mr. White’s arrest in July 2012, just a few days after the alleged incident, he has adamantly maintained his innocence and lack of involvement in this matter,” Upton said. “Mr. White got his day in court, actually his week in court, and this case is a great example of how our court system and constitutional right to a trial by jury are supposed to properly function.“

JURY TRIALRAPE FIRST DEGREEMISTRIALCHARGE SUBSEQUENTLY DISMISSED. In that case, I had previously provided a quote after the preliminary hearing: “Mike Upton, representing Childs, said he believes the evidence will clear his client. “Two of the three complaining witnesses could not make a positive photo identification of Christopher Childs, and there is also no physical evidence to support his involvement,” he said. “We are confident that DNA testing of the items that were collected to support the rape accusation will ultimately establish Christopher’s innocence.“

CAPITAL MURDERNEGOTIATED SETTLEMENT FOR MANSLAUGHTERCLIENT SERVED 4 YEARS AND RELEASED FROM JAIL. “John is obviously relieved to soon put this chapter of his life behind him,” his attorney, Michael Upton wrote in an e-mail Wednesday. “John had maintained his innocence all along, and we were prepared to defend John at trial if necessary. After serving over three and a half years in jail awaiting trial without bond, however, no jury verdict would have given John back that time…it was in John’s best interests to resolve the case and move on with his life, especially in light of the risks inherent in any criminal trial. John’s mom looks forward to having her son home again.”


State v. Thomas: NOT GUILTY of Robbery 1st after only 25 minutes of deliberation.

State v. Snipes: NOT GUILTY of Attempted Murder.

State v. Hall: NOT GUILTY of Promoting Prison Contraband.

State v. Maddox: Charged with Capital Murder. Negotiated settlement for Manslaughter.

State v. Dismuke: Accused of Murder. Negotiated settlement for Manslaughter. Served 4 yrs.


I have also handled numerous Personal Injury cases, and I am very familiar with the federal laws pertaining to 18-wheelers and trucking companies.  In many instances these large trucks are driving in violation of these federal laws.  You need an attorney that knows how to uncover these violations and shine a light on them to obtain the maximum recovery for your injuries.

The trucking company or insurance company has already started an investigation so they can avoid paying you anything.  Who is investigating the accident for you?

Contact me now so I can begin your investigation.

If you live in Greene, Hale, Perry, Dallas, Sumter or Marengo counties, I will travel to you to discuss your case.  Click on the ‘Personal Injury’ tab at the top of the page for more information.

Practice specialties:

  • All Felonies & Misdemeanors, Anywhere in Alabama, including:
  • All Drug Offenses (Trafficking, Distribution / Sale, Possession of Marijuana, Controlled Substances, etc)
  • Driving Under the Influence (Alcohol and/or Drugs)
  • Driver License Suspension or Revocation (Department of Public Safety)
  • Violent Crimes (e.g. Murder, Manslaughter, Robbery, Rape, Assault, Kidnapping, Burglary)
  • All Alcohol Offenses, including “Diversion” or “Deferred Prosecution” cases
  • Public Intoxication
  • Open Container
  • Minor in Possession of Alcohol (M.I.P.)
  • Improper I.D.
  • Youthful Offender cases
  • Probation / Probation Revocation
  • Community Corrections cases
  • Second Chance cases
  • Bond Revocation cases
  • Preliminary Hearings
  • Bond Reduction Hearings
  • Arraignments
  • All Traffic Offenses, including CDL and Overweight Truck tickets
  • All Theft charges
  • Worthless Checks (NWNI)
  • Judicial Affairs (e.g. University of Alabama, Stillman College)
  • Personal Injury
  • Auto Wrecks with Injuries
  • 18 Wheeler Accident with Injuries
  • EXPUNGEMENT  (clear your arrest record in certain cases)


[There are several criminal courts in Tuscaloosa County]

  • Tuscaloosa Municipal Court
  • Tuscaloosa County District Court
  • Tuscaloosa County Circuit Court
  • Tuscaloosa County Drug Court
  • Northport Municipal Court
  • Brookwood Municipal Court
  • Lakeview Municipal Court


To schedule your free consultation, contact me via any of the following methods you choose:

  • Text me at 205.799.3800
  • Email me at [email protected]
  • Office phone / voicemail at 205.349.1110



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