Improper I.D.

Improper I.D.

Part of college life involves going out and having a good time with friends. The University of Alabama offers many opportunities for students and visitors alike to go out and have a good time here in Tuscaloosa.

Most of these places require that in order to enter the establishment, the person must be at least 21 years of age. There are exceptions, such as a restaurant that also serves alcohol, or a bar that allows entry at age 18 with restrictions in place to prevent the legal purchase of alcohol.

One way for someone under 21 to get around the restrictions is to obtain a 'fake i.d.' that can be presented upon entry in order to have the employee believe the underage customer is actually over 21. Unfortunately, the crime of 'Improper Identification' is against the law, and subject to criminal penalties through our local court system.

In some instances, the person charged is taken to jail and must post bail in order to be released. In other instances, the officer will issue a citation at his or her discretion instead of taking the person to jail.

As in any case where the potential for criminal penalties exist, this situation should be taken seriously. When a young person's future record is at stake, he or she should not make the mistake of attempting to go to court and represent themselves.

I have handled numerous cases of this nature in my 25 years as a Criminal Defense Attorney here in Tuscaloosa. If you or someone you know receives a citation for Improper Identification (Improper ID), text me immediately at 205.799.3800 to schedule a free consultation at my office, so that I can explain the legal process and potential outcomes of the case.

I look forward to assisting and obtaining the best result possible.