One Mistake in College Shouldn't Follow You for Years

One Mistake in College Shouldn't Follow You for Years

Get in touch with a criminal defense attorney in Tuscaloosa, AL

Maybe you were celebrating in Tuscaloosa, AL after the big game and got caught drinking underage. Now you're facing serious criminal charges. You owe it to yourself to ask a Tuscaloosa criminal law attorney for guidance.

I'm the criminal defense attorney here at Michael J. Upton, Attorney at Law. For over three decades, I've been representing University of Alabama students just like you. Feel free to ask me questions about your charges, your hearing or Alabama underage drinking laws in general.

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Be candid when discussing your charges

As your criminal defense attorney in Tuscaloosa, AL, I'm not here to judge you. We can decide the best course of action together if you're upfront about the conditions leading to your arrest.

During your confidential consultation, let me know...

  • How old you were at the time of your arrest
  • Whether you were charged for possessing, transporting or consuming alcohol
  • If you've faced any criminal charges before
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