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Arrested?  Issued a citation?  Or maybe contacted for questioning by the police?  Don’t bury your head in the sand and hope it’s gonna go away.

It’s not.

Think about it. When the government (whether it’s Tuscaloosa County, the City of Tuscaloosa, the City of Northport, or any entity) decides to prosecute you, what do they have to lose? What happens if they lose a criminal case?

Hurt feelings? Or maybe someone on their side of the case feels that they didn’t receive justice?

Now think about what happens if you lose

What kind of charge or charges are you accused of? A misdemeanor? Did you know that even a misdemeanor can carry a maximum punishment of up to a year in the Tuscaloosa County Jail? Some common examples of misdemeanor offenses are: Theft 3rd (‘shoplifting’), Harassment, Assault 3rd, Possession of Marijuana 2nd (POM2), Public Intoxication, Reckless Endangerment, & DUI, just to name a few. (Misdemeanor cases are prosecuted locally in Tuscaloosa Municipal Court, Tuscaloosa County District Court and Northport Municipal Court, as well as other towns like Brookwood, Vance and Coaling.)

Or maybe you’re accused of a felony. The minimum punishment for a felony conviction is a year and one day in the State prison system. These cases are prosecuted locally in Tuscaloosa County Circuit Court.

What’s a year of your life worth financially? What if your choice of a lawyer determines whether you are found not guilty instead of going to prison? Or what if your choice of a lawyer keeps you out of prison so you can continue to work and support your family while on probation? How much is that worth to you?

What about 10 years? 20 years? How much is a good lawyer worth if he saves you from 10 or 20 years in prison? How much would you lose without him? How much would you lose because you allowed a bail bondsman to encourage you to hire a certain attorney? (Not realizing the bondsman may have financial reasons for pushing you in that direction…)

Serious felonies such as Robbery, Assault 1st, Burglary, Rape, Murder, Manslaughter are definitely taken seriously by the prosecutors that want to send you to prison for a long time. Are you going to take it as seriously as they do? (For more information on felony charges, click on the ‘Felonies’ tab above.)

So, back to my question from earlier…what happens if you lose?


-Criminal Record

-Loss of Driver License (Driver License Suspension or Revocation by the Department of Public Safety)

-Loss of employment

-Loss of income (multiply your yearly salary by the number of years in prison)

-Loss of family and friends


Too many people sit around and wait for criminal charges to just go away instead of being proactive and hiring an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney.

Many people also rely on the past court experiences of friends and family, believing they can predict the outcome of their own case, possibly even thinking they can handle it without a lawyer. Some believe they are automatically entitled to a “Diversion” or “Deferred Prosecution” offer from the prosecutor.


The outcome of every case can be different based upon a number of variables. I wouldn’t try to rebuild the transmission in my truck. By the same token, you shouldn’t go to court and attempt to handle a criminal case.

You should also avoid letting your bondsman decide that you should hire a particular attorney. A few bondsmen can be trusted to give objective advice about good attorneys, but sometimes the bondsmen have a vested interest (ahem…$$$…) in the success of a particular lawyer. This is an important decision…too important to let a bondsman make it for you.

The bottom line is this: hiring an experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer to start working for you immediately is crucial. The longer you wait, the more your defense falls behind. The prosecutors and the investigators are gathering information to send you to jail or prison. Sitting there and hoping it will go away is a huge mistake. The only way the accusations are going away is by fighting back, with a strong defense, and a strong Criminal Defense Lawyer that will fight for you…with no fear.

Act now. Not only will I protect your constitutional rights, I’ll protect your future from being ruined forever.  I’ve been an attorney for almost 25 years, and have fought for individuals my entire career.  I specialize in Criminal Defense & DUI Defense.  I look forward to helping you obtain a favorable result in your case, as I’ve done in thousands of cases before.


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