18-Wheeler Accidents With Injuries or Death

Personal Injury With a Personal Touch

Auto Accidents With Injuries or Death

Personal Injury – “Black Belt” Counties

With over 23 years of jury trial experience, both criminal and civil, I am now accepting personal injury cases in the “Black Belt” counties, specializing in injuries or death caused by 18-wheeler accidents.

Let the trucking company and their insurance lawyers know that you mean business by getting an attorney on your side that has no fear of doing battle for you.

My representation is free.  Attorney fees are earned only if we win, either by settlement or by jury verdict.

I am ready to assist those that have suffered injuries in the following counties:

  • Greene

  • Hale

  • Perry

  • Dallas

  • Marengo

  • Sumter


Whether you were injured in Eutaw, Forkland, Boligee, Greensboro, Moundville, Marion, Selma, Demopolis, Linden, Livingston, or any of the other areas of those counties, I want to help.

Text me now at 205.799.3800 so we can immediately arrange a time to speak by phone.

Once we speak by phone, I will travel to meet with you.  That’s right, just like the old days, when doctors made house calls. You tell me the most convenient place for us to meet and I’ll be there, whether it’s at your home, a local diner for a cup of coffee, your place of business, or even in your hospital room if you choose.

It is important that you contact me immediately so that we can begin an investigation for you. The insurance company of the driver or trucking company that caused your injuries has already started an investigation.  You need someone to begin an investigation for you, especially if an 18 wheeler is responsible for your pain and suffering.  There are federal regulations that must be followed by trucking companies and their drivers, and in many instances, they were in violation of federal law when they collided with you.

Text me now at 205.799.3800 so I can begin investigating for you immediately.

After you meet with me, you’ll understand that I care about your situation and want to get you the best recovery possible.

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