Selecting A Criminal Defense Attorney, Part One: The Dirty Diaper

So, you’ve been arrested? Or maybe it was a close friend, a significant other, a sibling, or your son or daughter. ‘Yes. What do I do now?!?’ It’s fairly common knowledge that most arrests occur in the middle of the night. Makes sense, as most incidents that run afoul of the law happen while most of us are asleep. In turn, law enforcement has a greater street and patrol presence during this time. Same holds true for a large scale event that may lend itself to an ‘excessively good time’. Just walk down the strip right after a big win at Bryant-Denny Stadium. Rarely does someone caught up in the wave of a celebration intend to put themselves in position to be charged with a crime. But things sometimes get out of control. Mix in a little bad luck, and the involvement of a police officer, and somebody is sitting in jail. ‘Again...what now?’ When you’re sitting behind bars, there’s only one thing you want...out. Ok, a hot shower and a cheeseburger too, but you can’t have those in jail. Unless, of course, you plan on staying in jail until the next time they have cheeseburgers on the menu. I’d like to tell you that a lawyer can get you out of jail. But a lawyer can’t get you out. Besides, lawyers work during the day, and are asleep when you’re in jail. When you’re sitting in jail, your first call should be to a ‘bail bondsman’. Bail bondsmen work at night, since that’s when most arrests are made, much like police officers on the street or on patrol. Cops put you in. Bondsmen get you out. ‘So, how do I choose a bondsman?’ This is a good question. Sometimes people contact me, and I can recommend a few bondsmen that clients have used before, with good results. If you are reading this blog post and want more info in this regard, shoot me a text at 205.799.3800. Maybe you want to plan ahead and have a bondsman’s number in your phone ‘just in case’.  As the saying goes, you can never be too prepared. Let me know if I can help. ‘So what’s this about a ‘Dirty Diaper’ in the title?’ Oh, yea. Glad you reminded me. I have teenagers. Was never a fan of the diaper change. Now I have twin toddlers. I buy the super huge box at Wal-Mart just to save a few bucks. The thing about a dirty diaper is this: you don’t have to stick your nose inside to know something stinks. It’s common knowledge in the Tuscaloosa legal community that the owner of a certain bail bonding company has a son that’s a sheriff’s deputy. You’ll never guess where he works...the night shift at the Tuscaloosa County Jail. Hmmm...imagine that. I can’t tell you how many clients have told me they’ve been approached inside the jail by this deputy, offering “assistance” to get them bailed out of jail. So let’s get this straight...a “law enforcement officer”, who’s on the same side of the officer that locked you up, and on the same side of the District Attorney that is going to prosecute you in court, wants to “assist” you. Let me guess...’out of the goodness of his heart’? Oh wait, his family owns a bonding company. Yes, he just wants to help you. Nothing to do with helping out the family business...ha. Let me repeat: you don’t have to stick your nose inside a dirty diaper to know something stinks. So, back to the question...How do I choose a bondsman?’ Choose a bondsman by asking a friend that can give a referral. Choose a bondsman with a ‘Google’ search. But by all means, do not choose a bondsman at the urging of someone with a financial interest in your decision. Stay tuned, we’ll talk more about the dirty diaper in Part Two. Michael J. Upton, Attorney at Law 410 20th Avenue Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 Text or Call: 205.799.3800 Email: